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No one wants to suffer a painful case of whiplash or a herniated disk, but if you're ever involved in a car accident, you may learn that these types of injuries are quite common. Both can degenerate quickly, causing you more pain than necessary. But both can be significantly improved through modern chiropractic science. Dr. Jeff Jenkins of Jenkins Chiropractic in San Jose, California can assist with injuries received during a car crash.

Car Accident Q & A

How can Jenkins Chiropractic help after a car accident?

If you've recently been in a vehicle accident, call Jenkins Chiropractic. Whether a minor fender-bender or a major pile-up, Dr. Jenkins can help lessen your pain without surgical intervention using gentle, non-invasive medical treatment to help heal both the mind and body, especially during stressful times such as those days following a car accident. We can help with a broad range of problems, including:

  • Headaches
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Backaches
  • Numbness or tingling in extremities
  • Decreased range of movement

Which injuries can Jenkins Chiropractic address?

Dr. Jenkins recommends you seek medical help following a vehicle crash, even if you feel perfectly fine. Your body wasn't designed to absorb the amount of kinetic energy transferred when a vehicle traveling at 65 mph collides suddenly with another object. Even your seatbelt can cause injuries to your collarbone, ribs or more during an accident. And if you're not wearing your seatbelt when the unthinkable happens, your injuries could be much worse. Common injuries associated with car accidents include:

  • Fractures
  • Chest injuries
  • Injuries to the spine, neck, and pelvis
  • Head trauma

You might think you'll be in a lot of pain immediately following an accident if you're suffering from an injury, but your body is pumping adrenaline; you're upset, stressed and confused. Also, injuries like these can sometimes manifest themselves in unexpected ways such as blurred vision, dizziness, or numbness. It's easy to overlook a minor ache that could become a major problem within just a few hours. That's why it's important to get checked out by a medical professional. Medical personnel at the emergency room can take care of any immediate threats to your well-being, and Jenkins Chiropractic is happy to step in and help with the follow-up. Dr. Jenkins will begin with x-rays to determine the type and amount of damage, and then he'll devise an individualized treatment plan to alleviate your pain. He can help with soft tissue damage, sprains, strains and much more without the additional stress of surgical intervention.

How can I schedule an evaluation?

If you've been involved in a vehicle accident and are suffering aches, pains or other unusual symptoms, call or schedule an appointment online at Jenkins Chiropractic today for a comprehensive evaluation and a treatment plan that's designed to address your specific needs.