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Do you have pain in one or both shoulders? It could be your rotator cuff, muscle strain or a simple case of bursitis. It could be you've suffered a sports injury or have overused the soft tissue in that area of your body. Regardless of why you're in pain, Dr. Jeff Jenkins of Jenkins Chiropractic in San Jose, California can help alleviate it.

Shoulder Pain Q & A

What are some common causes of pain in the shoulder?

Rotator cuff injuries are the first culprits that typically come to mind whenever someone mentions shoulder pain. Your rotator cuff is connected to a tendon that runs between the bones of your shoulder. It's easily irritated because of this position. When it becomes inflamed or when swelling occurs, it can become pinched, causing pain. If you have an issue with your rotator cuff tendon, it will hurt to lift your arm. Limited range of movement is another symptom. Rotator cuff injuries are improved with rest, the application of heat, ice or both, or by performing range-of-motion exercises. Dr. Jenkins will decide which combination is best for you.

Other causes of shoulder pain may include:

  • Broken or fractured arm or collarbone
  • Dislocated shoulder
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Arthritis
  • Tendonitis

Most causes of shoulder pain are treatable without surgical intervention when chiropractic science is applied.


What are the symptoms of shoulder problems?

Pain may or may not be the first symptom to manifest for those who suffer from a shoulder problem. You may also notice numbness, tingling or a pins-and-needles sensation running down the arm of the affected joint. You may lose full range of movement or notice a tightness developing. Shoulder pain is typically not dangerous, but may, on occasion be a symptom of something more sinister, such as heart or gallbladder disease. It's important to have this type of pain checked out as soon as possible, not only to make your life easier but to get an early leg up on anything more serious.


How can chiropractic care help shoulder pain?

Chiropractic care can help reduce swelling and inflammation. It can strengthen soft tissue and realign joints and discs. Prescribed rest or exercise can alternately allow muscles time to heal, or it can work to make them stronger. Dr. Jenkins helps you determine what types of treatments will help your particular situation. If you're having pain in one or both shoulders, call today or schedule a consultation online. Jenkins Chiropractic offers multiple treatment options for this condition, and all are non-invasive, safe and convenient. There's no need to suffer from shoulder pain when the cure is easier than you realize. Call us today.